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Last updated on: 09/19/2022

Your privacy is very important to us, so we have gathered in this document all the information you need to know about how your data is processed and treated. The terms agreed in this policy are regarding the treatment of personal data and are in accordance with the Brazilian legislation applicable to data protection, especially Law No. 13.709/2018 - General Law of Data Protection ("LGPD").

You will see:
- How we collect your data
- About Cookies
- What data is collected
- Why we capture your data
- Who can access your data
- How we protect your data
- About third party data
- About sharing content on social networks
- User rights
- Changes to the Privacy Policy
- Contact for questions

We, at UNIDAX Consulting do Brasil, are committed to preserving your privacy. The purpose of this document is to clarify what information is collected from users of our site ( - and respective services - and how this data is handled and used.

Please note that if you do not agree with the contents of this policy, you should not download our materials or use any of our services.

How we collect your data

We may collect your data through UNIDAX websites and products.

Information is collected in the following ways:

1. information provided by you (forms) - We collect personally identifiable information - such as name, phone number, email address, company you work for and job title - by filling out forms to download our free content or try our services.
Site navigation information (cookies) - When you visit our site, a cookie is placed in your browser by means of Google Analytics software to identify how many times you have returned to our address. Information such as IP address, geographic location, referral source, browser type, length of visit, and pages visited is collected anonymously. See "About Cookies" for more details.
Contact history - If you send an e-mail to one of the Group's companies or contact us through any other channel providing your data, we will store the information provided, as well as all the history of contacts made. The objective is to personalize the service and keep records about the interactions you have with our company.

About Cookies

Cookies are files stored by your browser while you browse the Internet. They can be used to share data about your activities on our companies' websites, such as: language used, device used to access, and other information about your access to our websites.

We use cookies to keep track of how many times you have returned to our site, which pages you have accessed, how long you stayed, among other information.

The purpose of using cookies is to store data about our users' experience on our sites and, based on this data, to improve the browsing experience.

What data is collected

Through forms and events

Profile data: We may collect information regarding the user's profile, such as name, profile picture, link to their social networks.
Contact Information We may collect user's contact information, such as email, Whatsapp and phone.

Company Information: We may collect information regarding the company where the user works, such as name, website, number of employees, industry sector, among others.

Consumed Content: We collect information about all content consumed by the user on our sites (such as e-books downloaded and webinars attended).

Through cookies

Preferences and pages accessed: We save information regarding users' content preferences. For example: which pages were accessed. We also store information about which operating system and devices were used to access the site.
Geographic Data We may store information regarding the user's physical location.

Demographic data: In some cases we can store demographic data about users, such as: age, gender, education level, and approximate income.

Through the other contact channels (e-mail, WhatsApp, chat and telephone)

Collections and payments: We capture data such as CNPJ, credit card number and bank details to manage making payments for our services.

History of conversations: When contacting the support, commercial, administrative/financial or marketing department, we will store the history of the conversation (whether by email, WhatsApp, chat or phone).

Why we capture your data

All of your personal information collected through the above means will be used to help make your visit to our site as personalized and enjoyable as possible. We may, for example, send you e-mails with content and suggested reading.

We may also use your contact information to make calls offering promotions, services, or other actions.

Who can access your data

Only UNIDAX employees will be able to see your personal information. Eventually, if the insertion of your information takes place in actions created in partnerships, the explicitly identified partners will also have access to the information. No personal information may be publicly disclosed under any circumstances.

UNIDAX also undertakes not to sell, rent or pass on your information to third parties. The only exception is in cases in which this information is required by law.

UNIDAX employees may also occasionally contact you via e-mail or telephone to conduct research or to present products and services.

How we protect your data

All personal information regarding members, subscribers, customers or visitors who use our website will be treated in accordance with the General Personal Data Protection Act, Law No. 13,709 of August 14, 2018.

Your personal information will be shared with our partners only when the partnership is explicit on the page where the form to receive educational content is provided.

At any time you can check which of your data is in our records. To do this, simply send an e-mail to If you prefer, you can also request that your data be deleted and/or changed, simply make the request in this same contact channel.

UNIDAX undertakes to adopt all technical and organizational measures to ensure data security, avoiding, but not absolutely preventing, risks related to data breach; accidental or illicit destruction, loss or alteration of such confidential information.

The user declares to be aware and agrees that the security measures adopted serve to mitigate the risks, however, there is no way to totally avoid invasions by third parties (hackers). Thus, once UNIDAX has proven that it has adopted all measures attainable to ensure the protection of the data, such case will be configured as a fortuitous case or force majeure, as per art. 393 of the Civil Code.

About Third-Party Data

Subscribers to our services store data of their customers, partners and employees in our software.
UNIDAX does not share this data with any other partner and also does not use this data to send promotions, content or other actions.

The policy for storing and processing this data is the full responsibility of the contractors.

About sharing content on social networks

By clicking the share content buttons on the social media available on our pages, the user will be publishing the content through his profile on the selected network. UNIDAX does not have access to the login and password of users on these networks, nor will it publish content on behalf of the user without the user performing this action.

The same principle applies to obtaining educational materials through other options.

Users' Rights

You can choose not to receive any further e-mail from UNIDAX.

In every email we send there is always an unsubscribe link available in the last lines. Clicking on this link will automatically unsubscribe you from the list.

Any form filled in again will characterize the reinsertion of your e-mail to the list. Therefore, the cancellation request must be done again if it is of your interest.

In addition, users also have:
- The right to request changes to their registered data.
- Right to know what data is being stored.
- Right to receive explanation on how their data is processed.
- Right to withdraw your consent to this privacy policy at any time.

UNIDAX shall correct, complete, delete and/or block the data received through the relationship with the CLIENT, if so requested by the data subject, at any time. In this case, UNIDAX undertakes to notify the user previously and immediately about such request, following the precepts of Law No. 13,709/2018 - General Law of Data Protection ("LGPD")

UNIDAX will notify the user within 72 (seventy-two) hours of any order from a Court, public authority or regulator competent in data protection matters; (b) of any accidental or unauthorized access; and (c) of any request received directly from a third party claiming to be the owner, and UNIDAX shall not respond directly to such a request until prior notice and authorization from the user.

If UNIDAX cannot fulfill its obligations related to data treatment, whether due to potential non-compliance, technical problems or user request, UNIDAX will inform the user of such impediment within a reasonable period of time, and UNIDAX has the right to suspend data transfer and/or terminate this policy without penalty to either party, if the contracted object perishes due to impossibility of fulfillment by UNIDAX because of regulatory prohibition.

UNIDAX is not responsible for the negligence of the user and his users in the use of the Portal or Application, causing violations or any other irregularity in the confidentiality of the Confidential Information treated in this term. Thus, it is of the user's total responsibility to zeal for the confidentiality of the information referring to the access and operation of the data on the system, such as login, password or any other security measure implemented to ensure the protection of the information.

How long the data is stored

UNIDAX will store your data for as long as we deem necessary to fulfill our purposes.

If you are a subscriber to our services, we will store your payment data only as long as you are a subscriber. Once you cancel the service, the payment data will no longer be stored. All other contact data will still be kept.

At any time the user can request removal from the storage of his or her data by e-mailing

Privacy Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. Therefore, we recommend that you periodically visit this page to be aware of any changes.

Before we use information for purposes other than those set forth in this Privacy Policy, we will ask for your authorization.

Contact for questions

Any questions regarding our privacy policy can be clarified by contacting us.

Send an e-mail to

The use of our content and services assumes the acceptance of this privacy agreement.