ERP Consulting

Have at your side specialized consultants that will guide you to the best solution for your business

We develop implementation projects in companies from the most diverse segments, focusing on the business dynamism, the identification of needs, the potential use of the tool's existing resources, the propagation of knowledge, and the return on investment.

Our solutions unify ERP and CRM capabilities into applications that work seamlessly together with sales, customer service, marketing, finance, operations, field service, service automation, and projects.

The types of projects we work with are:

  • Pre-implementation diagnostics

  • Implementation projects

  • Version Upgrade

  • Advice and Management for the client on third-party projects

We have as differentials:

  • Own methodology

  • World-class, intuitive, simplicity-focused, state-of-the-art Plafatorma(ERP + CRM)

  • ROI Analysis in the first year of implementation

We support and sustain the customer's day-to-day operations. We are experts in Microsoft solutions (ERP Dynamics AX, versions 4.0, 2009, 2012) and Dynamics 365, as well as legacy systems, developed in other technologies such as ASP, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Delphi, among others.

Through our Continuous Improvement Contract (CMC), the customer will have access to the opening of calls by our application, via web or by e-mail , for sustaining and improving their applications.

  • Level I - Direct support channel for questions and problems of low severity
  • Level II - Specialized remote support per specific themes and medium severity troubleshooting
  • Level III - Face-to-face support by appointment for complex issues

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