Microsoft Dynamics 365

Supply Chain

Adapt and thrive with a digital supply chain. Anticipate and overcome disruptions quickly to meet customer demand and maintain profitability

Other Solutions

Stay agile and resilient

Maximize asset performance

Improve OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) and reduce downtime.

Transform manufacturing operations

Innovate with MR (mixed reality) and other advanced technologies.

Meet growing digital commerce needs

Automate order fulfillment with AI and real-time inventory.

Reduce your risks

Prevent and overcome supply chain disruptions with enhanced visibility and actionable insights.

Manage the entire asset lifecycle

Perform predictive maintenance with AI-based scheduling, sensor data intelligence, and MR (mixed reality). Optimize spare parts inventory and automate work orders.

Create a smart, connected factory

Create agile and sustainable manufacturing processes at the edge and easily adapt to new business models. Proactively manage the factory floor with predictive technologies, IoT (Internet of Things) and MR (mixed reality).

Automate and optimize service

Use AI and real-time inventory to fulfill orders on time, increase profitability, support the latest fulfillment methods, and enhance the customer experience.

Improve supply chain visibility

Create a digital twin of the supply chain, unify disparate data sources, improve multi-level supplier collaboration, and eliminate stock-outs.


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